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 Helping you complete your Street Smarts Homework:


It is two weeks before your next belt exam, and Sifu tells you that you need to complete a 3-5 minutes "Street Smarts" presentation for the class.  Your heart sinks.  You hate talking in front of people.  What are you going to talk about?  You just want to learn karate, what does this have to do with it?  Your friends at other schools don't have to complete self defense homework.  What's up?


Let me start by saying, that student presentations are a key element in our martial arts program. I implemented these presentations many years ago, and I strongly believe they benefit the student completing the presentation as well as the students listening to the presentation.

Please Note: Student presentations are not assigned to new students, self defense program students, or fitness program students.


Our school's focus is on developing self defense and life skills.  Part of self defense is the mental side of self defense.  I can discuss awareness, how to deal with bullies, what to do's, etc., but many times this will not sink in until you sit down and think about what you would do in a situation. Plus, standing up and presenting in front of a group increases your confidence and other life skills. If nothing else, do the homework and presentation to help others in your class. Who knows you might just learn something.


Oh, and you friends at other karate schools may not have to do presentations, but how good are their self defense skills and knowledge?  Probably not as good as yours. When you are out with them, who is the one aware of their environment and keeping everyone safe?  I wouldn't be surprised if the answer was, you. That is why you come to our school.


Now, I am not just going to send you to do your homework without providing you with some tools and assistance.  Below are a list of websites and resources I have come across that may help you.


Great Resources for Parents & Youth:

-Books from the library

-Rad Kids -

-Safe Kids - (info for teens as well)


Parents Resources:

-Eddie Eagle Safety Program -


Adult Resources:

-Live Secure -

-No Nonesense Self Defense -


These are great resources, but I am sure you can find some more great ones in books, magazines, and online.


-Sifu S.


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