Uniform Policy


Please Note: Uniforms worn in class, must be purchased through us or otherwise approved.

It's important for all student to be safe and feel comfortable training together. Uniforms are

an essential part in developing this safe atmosphere and provide you personal safety.

It is important that you wear appropriate attire, whether you train with us in a Women's

Self Defense Class, or in our Fundamentals, Martial Arts, Eclectic Arts, or Grappling Arts




Let's be honest. You want to be comfortable and may feel weird in some pajama type pants.  We also know uniforms can be a large investment and you may want to wait a bit.  No problem. Please wear some workout clothes that are comfortable. We prefer you wear workout pants (not shorts, but capri's are okay for women's self defense classes only). Please wear a tshirt (no tank tops). We request than you wear plain (no logos or designs) black, blue, or white pants so that you match the martial uniforms of our students. We have school shirts you can wear or if needed please wear a plain (no logos or designs) white, black or blue tshirt.  As you get more experience, you may want to purchase a gi (uniform) from us, but we can discuss this when you are ready.


Martial Arts Students

Traditional Martial Arts uniforms purchased from us or approved are always the best to wear to class.


The Basics: School T-shirt, pants, and martial arts belt.

  • Wear a Flying Tiger tshirt (no tank tops) or wear a plain tshirt (no logos or designs) in white, black or blue.
  • Wear martial arts pants or plain workout pants (no logos or designs) in black, blue, or white, so that you match the martial uniforms. Students should wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to exercise in.  Pants should allow you to raise your knee to hip level. Pants are required (no shorts or capri's) to reduce the chance of rug burn on the knees during ground defense training.


Martial Arts uniforms are not required for beginning students, but are available for purchase from us when you are ready.




Tiny Tiger & Kid Tiger Students (Ages 1-5 Yrs)

Tiny Tigers are asked to wear Flying Tiger T-shirt and long gym pants. If the student has a martial

arts belt please encourage them wear it. Clothes should be clean, comfortable and easy to move

in. We understand students at this age can resist wearing anything new, so we are more lenient

with the uniform policy for young kids.



Traditional Martial Arts Uniforms

Martial Arts uniforms (karate  or jujitsu style) are available for students to purchase. We have a few different types of martial arts uniforms available. We request that you purchase your uniform from us to help support our school. If you already have a martial arts uniform, please have us approve it before you wear it to class. We are pretty accommodating, if you ask first, as we know not all styles fit the same, and you may have a uniform that you love.


We can also help you get the correct size, style, and fit at the best price. Please talk to your instructor for more information about approved colors and style.




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