Sparring Gear Recommendations


There are several types of sparring gear available on the market depending upon the style of martial arts you practice.  Below are my recommendations for our school.


Our students are required to wear: mouth, head, hand, feet, and chest gear.  It is recommended that students wear groin protectors, shin guards, and any other protection equipment desired. APPROVED COLORS: Black, Red, White, Gray & Blue (All others must be approved)


HANDS: Our students must wear boxing style gloves when sparring.  Karate sparring gloves are not allowed (fingers must be completely covered at all times).








Youth 6 oz or Adult 8 & 10 oz training gloves are the best.  Leather or synthetic leather with a velcro wrist strap.  There are many gloves by Century, Everlast or Proforce that will work great.

My recommendation: 1) Century Youth Boxing Gloves 2)  Adults Proforce Training Gloves (8-10 oz. Red or Black).







HEAD: Foam headgear works just fine.  Masks with a face masks are only allowed for special circumstances.  Soft, vinyl headgear works okay, but doesn’t provide as much protection.







CHEST GUARD: A chest guard should protect the entire chest and stomach.  Avoid chest guards that only protect the ribs and stomach.  Macho makes the best chest guards but they are costly.  Taekwondo Chest guards (white with blue/red circles) work well and are much cheaper.



SHIN GUARDS (Recommended): Foam or material shin protectors are great.  Soccer or plastic shin guards are not allowed.  Avoid shin guards with instep protection attached.




MOUTH GUARD: Any sport mouthpiece will do.



These do not protect your fingers and are not allowed to be used in our class.








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