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Fundamentals of Self Defense

-Non Striking - Jujitsu Only Classes

-Blended Karate & Jujitsu for Self Defense


Class Description

You will participate in a curriculum and class specifically designed for you.


  • Women & Teens will learn self-defense techniques specifically designed just for your needs
  • Kids and Youth will learn non-violent ways to deal with bullies.
  • Men will learn self-defense techniques for attacks more common for you.
  • Your classes will be low impact, but you will get the benefits of fitness and movement.  Our saying is, "We all have to go to work tomorrow." So don't worry, you will not get hurt.
  • You will learn simple and practical ways to defend yourself
  • Kids learn about stranger danger and what to do to prevent and deal with dangerous situations


Specialized Self Defense for Youth:

Your child will learn non-violent ways to deal with bullies. Out Self Defense skills classes for youth are disguised in our Blended Martial Arts  curriculum for Youth. But, don't be fooled.  This is not your typical "Karate" or "Jujitsu" class.  Our primary focus is on self defense skills first and sport martial arts second.  Your kids will also develop self-confidence and have fun while gaining the health benefits of active movement.


Specialized Self Defense for Women & Girls:

You will learn self defense in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. A female instructor will always be in the class teaching and working with the ladies. You will learn to protect yourself by developing your physical and non-physical self defense skills.  We offer multiples levels of self defense training and certification, including Phase 1 - Fundamentals ,Phase 2 - Refresher, & Phase 3 - Advanced Self Defense.


Youth, Teen, and Adult Classes:

In our self defense class you will learn to protect and defend yourself through mental and physical skills. Classes will help you develop confidence and the ability to prevent and deal with a self defense situation. You will gain the benefit of health and fitness while participating in a fun and enjoyable class.

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