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Fundamentals of Self Defense

-Non Striking - Jujitsu Only Classes

-Blended Karate & Jujitsu for Self Defense Classes



Martial Arts Fit for Life


All of our classes will provide you with an excellent workout while learning the fundamentals of self defense. Increase your balance, flexibility, strength, and cardio, and learn to properly kick and punch the bag while  enjoying a great workout. Improve your confidence, focus, and coordination.



Tuition Programs



Tiny & Kid Tigers Skills


Beginning Martial Arts Skills mixed with Tumbling & Coordination Building Games


Tiny Tigers -1 to 3.5 Yrs -

Parent & Kid Class

Kid Tigers - 3.5 to 6 Yrs -

Parent Assist as needed


Kid Room &

Parent Co-op

Available on Select Days


For parents attending class. Well behaved kids ages 6+ may hangout in our kid room. For kids under 6 and when necessary, parents are asked to take turns watching the kids and making sure everyone stays safe.  If you would like to be apart of this co-op please let us know.


Times when the co-op is available are shown on our calendar.

Something for the Whole Family

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