Sparring Gear Recommendations

Policy Effective: 12/12/14

Beginning Students

Karate uniforms are not required for beginning students.  Students should wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to exercise in.  Pants should allow you to raise your knee to hip level. Long shorts  with compression shorts underneath are okay during the summer months, but pants are preferred to reduce the chance rug burn on the knees during ground defense training.


Flying Tiger T-shirts and long pants are requested.  If desired karate pants may be worn.


Flying Tiger T-shirts are available for students to wear to class.


Tiny Tiger & Kid Tiger Students (Ages 1-5 Yrs)

Tiny Tigers are asked to wear Flying Tiger T-shirt and long gym pants or shorts.  Clothes should be comfortable and easy to move in.


Martial Arts Students

Martial Arts students can wear wear a black or white karate uniform.  Students can also wear black, white, or gray pants with a Flying Tiger T-shirt.


There are a few different types of martial arts uniforms available on the market. I recommend you obtain your uniform from us. We can help you get the correct size at the best price. Please talk to your instructor for more information.




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