Class Courtesy Rules

Effective Policy: 12/12/14


Students & Parents:

Class Courtesy Rules help keep our students safe and help us maintain a fun learning environment.  I posted them here, so they would be easy to find.


Class Courtesy Rules:

Please remove shoes before entering the dojo area.


Maintain proper hygiene and wear the proper attire and/or uniform. Insure that your uniform is clean and neat to show respect for yourself and your fellow students.


It is recommended that students attend class twice per week. Consistency is important in order to progress and learn the skills required for advancement.


Please show up to class on time or a few minutes early (5-10 min). This shows respect to your instructor and fellow students. Use the time before class to put on your uniform, warm-up, and practice.


Please turn your cell phones on silent (unless you are on call).


Please place all your personal materials in the designated areas away from the workout area.


Please remove all jewelry and watches. These can be dangerous to you and your fellow classmates.


Please only bring your children to class if they are going to participate. I understand this is sometimes unavoidable, so please talk to the instructor to figure out the best way to avoid disturbing the class .


Children six to twelve years old are welcome and encouraged to attend classes. Please note: It is highly recommended that parents attend class with their children. Parents not participating in class may be asked to be present in the classroom for the entire class (as requested by the instructor).


Parents are always welcome to watch or attend class with their child.  However, due to limited space, parents not participating in class are asked to limit their watching time or sit where it is least disruptive to the class. This is also requested because we have found that student do better when parents give them the freedom to learn independently, and show interest in what they learned after class. Additionally, we are always happy to show you what your child learned at the end of class, so that you can practice at home.



Thank you,


-Sifu S



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