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Self Defense


Class Options

Fundamentals of Self Defense

Women's Self Defense Classes


Class Description

We specialize in self defense for women, teens,  and youth.


  • Women can attend a self-defense class specifically designed just for them
  • In our kid's classes your kids will learn non-violent ways to deal with bullies.
  • Adults can attend our low impact class where you will learn all the self defense moves without having to complete the high-impact activities. Our saying is, "We all have to go to work tomorrow, so no one will get hurt."
  • You will learn simple and practical ways to defend yourself
  • Learn non-physical and physical self-defense skills
  • Kids learn about stranger danger and what to do to prevent and deal with dangerous situations

















Specialized Self Defense for Youth:

Your child will learn non-violent ways to deal with bullies. They will develop self-confidence and have fun while gaining the health benefits of active movement.


Specialized Self Defense

for Women & Girls:

You will learn self defense in a comfortable, non-threatening environment A female instructor will always be in the class teaching and working with the ladies. You will learn to protect yourself by developing your physical and non-physical self defense skills.   We offer multiples levels of self defense training and certification, including Phase 1 - Fundamentals ,Phase 2 - Refresher, & Phase 3 - Advanced Self Defense.


Youth, Teen, and Adult Classes:

In our self defense class you will learn to protect and defend yourself through mental and physical skills. Classes will help you develop confidence and the ability to prevent and deal with a self defense situation. You will gain the benefit of health and fitness while participating in a fun and enjoyable class. 4-12 Week Self Defense Courses available.  New  student classes start every month.  Please contact us to schedule your first class

Martial Arts


Class Options

Kid Dragons (K-3rd Grade)

Fundamentals Class (Jrs-Adult)

Teens & Adult Only Class

Women Only & Mixed Group Classes

Adult Jujitsu & Family Classes


Class Description

  • You will learn a blended style of Martial Arts with skills from Stand-up and Ground Self Defense.
  • Families can attend class together.  Attend class with your older kids, and watch your kids gain more respect, confidence, and focus.
  • Safe, Courteous, and Respectful classes for Women
  • Gain Strength, Balance, Coordination
  • Experience Team Work through a community of friends
  • Develop Focus and increased listening skills
  • Increase Self-discipline
  • Learn Self Defense skills from American Kenpo, Chinese Kempo, Karate, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, and several other styles
  • Most importantly, you will have lots and lots of FUN.


Juniors, Teens, & Adult Classes

You will learn a blended style of martial arts with self defese skills from karate, judo, jujitsu, kung fu, muay thai, as well as several other styles.  You will learn more than just kicking and punching.  Challenge yourself and you will reap the rewards and become an excellent martial artist.


Adult Jujitsu & Grappling

Adult & Teen 16+ (or 3-15yrs with Parent) Jujitsu class.  This is not a fight class and we keep it low to medium intensity. Our jujitsu coaches will teach you the self defense aspects from Judo, Jujitsu, and other grappling arts. If you have ever wanted to learn Jujitsu, but were afraid of getting smashed, hurt, or choked during your first class, then this is the right class for you. We take things slowly and build your skills before we have you roll or spar freestyle. Our real focus is to develop your self defense skills first and then develop your reaction sills once you have the tools to roll freestyle. This  is a great class for Dads and who want to learn the grappling arts to help their kids and don't want the risk of getting hurt.  Our saying is, "We all have to go to work tomorrow, so no one will get hurt."


Women Martial Artists Respected

We are sensitive to the needs of women and understand women need a safe and comfortable place to learn martial arts and self defense. Sexual harassment is not tolerated. Everyone is treated with respect and we make sure there is a female instructor in every class when a female student is present.


Youth Tigers & Dragons Class

Our classes divided by age and abilities.   Classes are tailored and paced just right for your child.  Kids learn with their peers while completing age appropriate games and drills. New  student classes start often.  Please contact us to schedule your first class.


Tiny Tigers (Toddlers & PreK) - 1-5 Yrs

Dragons & Tigers (K-Early Elem) - K-8 Yrs

Junior Tigers 8-12 Yrs


Advanced Martial Artists

If you are a martial artist from another style, join our experienced martial artist program, continue where you left off, and continue advancing your skills.


Tiny Tigers Skills


Class Options

Tiny Tigers Skills Class

(1-3 Yrs - Parent Assist Class)

Kid Tigers Skills Class

(3-5 Yrs - Parent Assist Class)


Class Description

  • Your child will learn life skills, developmental skills and skills for many sports including martial arts, wrestling & tumbling.
  • Your child will have fun learning to play with other kids their age while learning preschool socialization, sharing, and taking turns skills.
  • You and your child will enjoy some valuable parent/kid time
  • Your child will gain coordination, balance, strength, and confidence
  • Designed for kids walking to 5 years


Your child will learn skills preparing them for martial arts, tumbling, and many other sports; increase coordination and strength while having fun playing cooperative learning games; and learning basic tumbling and martial arts skills. Your child will also  enjoy playing while developing social skills and positive interaction with other kids.  You will have fun helping and  watching your child learn and grow.  This is a parent/kids class for toddlers walking to kids 5 yrs.



Improve your Health


All of our classes will provide you with an excellent workout while learning the fundamentals of self defense. Increase your balance, flexibility, strength, and cardio, and learn to properly kick and punch the bag while  enjoying a great workout. Improve your confidence, focus, and coordination.  New student classes start every month.  Please contact us to register for your first class.




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