Benefits of Having Friends and Family Join you in Class


Encourage your friends or family to join you in class.  You will benefit in several ways by having your friends or family join you in class.  Here are just a few benefits for you:


1) Family time - It is hard to find time to spend with the family.  Join your kids in class and spend more valuable time with them. Kids who have parents in class with them excel so much more.  You will create a common interest with your kids, and as long as you don't become the overbearing, helicopter parent, your kids will enjoy having you join them in class.  Remember, karate uniforms, belts, & tests are NOT required for adults. Ask about our Adult Program.


2) Fitness & Exercise - Get into the habit of fitness while doing something you enjoy.  You won't even feel like you are working out! If you are anything like me, you don't care for jazzercise, zumba, step aerobics, etc.  However, give me a pair of gloves or a task to keep my mind focused and I can workout for the whole hour without looking at the clock.


3) Challenge yourself - Having a friend in class will help push you to be a better martial artist. The number one reason, kids complain about going to "karate class" is because they don't want to leave their friends. Once your kids get into class they love class.  The only thing that would make it better would be to have their friends in class with them.


4) Practice partner - Having a friend or family member in class gives you someone to practice with at home which will only help advance your skills more.


5) Carpool Companion - Share the drive time with another family.  Have your friend drive one day and you drive the next.  Save on gas and time.


6) Referral Program Benefit - Refer a friend who enrolls for a full month and receive 1/2 off one month of tuition for yourself. Gain a friend in class and save money.


7) Family Program Benefits - We know the average family has a tight budget, that's why we have our family program.  Now your whole family can attend classes and not break the bank.  Families pay about the same as 2.5 accelerated (2 classes/wk) students.  That means your family of 3 or more can attend for the cost of 2.5 accelerated students.  Ask your instructor for details.


We would love to have your friends and family join us in class. Many times people hesitate because they don't realize that we have a program to fit their time, budget, and interests.  We know one size does not fit all, so ask about our adult program, teen program, family program, and youth program.  We have something for everyone.  Just ask us to learn more!


-Sifu S



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